Turnkey solutions for general and bulk goods

Meyland: your partner throughout the process

Meyland designs, constructs and maintains storage and transport systems for the general and bulk goods in your company. But we do more than that.

As a family company with more than 50 years of experience, we believe it is important for you, our customer, to be able to count on Meyland. Not just to fit your storage tanks, install your conveyor belts or repair your packing machine.

No: we want to be your partner throughout the process, from the design of your storage and transport system to maintenance and repairs after delivery.


We make the goods move!  

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Our divisions

We specialise in turnkey solutions for industry, agriculture and electricity. All the products Meyland offers comply with the national and international ISO and VCA standards.

Our products for industry

Meyland industrie

Our products for agriculture

Meyland landbouw

Our electricity services

Our method: everything under one roof

Meyland focuses on complete turnkey solutions for your general and bulk goods. That way we can ensure together that your internal storage and transport systems are perfectly aligned and that you save both time and money.

After all, offering everything under one roof makes it more affordable for you, and you won’t waste valuable time consulting different parties.

1. Customised transport

Design & engineering

How can your production process be optimised? Our experienced engineers listen to your needs and difficulties in order to find the perfect solution to your problem.

Do you need to adapt your existing internal transport system to changes in your company? Do you need a combination of different systems or a totally new installation?

You can count on Meyland for a clear construction plan, whether it is for industry, agriculture or electronics. That way you can create a realistic picture of your new transport or storage systems.

2. In-house machine park

Construction & assembly  

Once you have approved our design, we get to work for you in our own machine park with advanced technologies. Since we do the work on your installations ourselves, we can guarantee the highest quality. That is because our engineers always do quality controls, checking both their own work and the components supplied.

An additional advantage of having our own workshop is that we can plan flexibly: do you have a tight deadline or need a last-minute adjustment? Nothing could be easier, because everything is arranged in-house at Meyland.

Delivery and training   

When we deliver your internal storage or transport system, you can rely on skilled professionals who will calibrate your installation and give your own staff extensive information about how to use the system safely.

Our machine park at your service

For sheet metal working (cutting with shears, plasma cutting, gas welding, bending), turning, milling, sawing or drilling.

Engineering team : mechanics and electricity 

Every single one of our engineers is a passionate and talented specialist who aims to find suitable solutions tailored to your company. They know both the mechanical and electrical side of the systems and machines like the back of their hands, which means that any problem can be dealt with in no time.

All our staff have a VCA certificate that allows them to work in petrochemical companies as well. These certificates also make it possible for us to support your projects abroad.

End-of-line packing systems: BRP  

To give you the chance to pack your general or bulk goods as soon as they have come through your production process, Meyland set up the new division BRP in 2015. You can come to BRP for both manual and fully automated packing and palletising machines.

3. All-round service

Monitoring & maintenance  

Consistent servicing of your machines is vital to keep your business going. That is why you can also continue to rely on Meyland after the installation of internal storage or transport systems for your general or bulk goods.

Will you opt for a complete plan in which Meyland is responsible for all maintenance work, or do you only need us to conduct an annual inspection? We will put together a modular maintenance contract based on your storage or transport system, needs and budget.

Do you have any more questions about Meyland’s turnkey solutions?

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