The Meyland business name comes from Antoine De Meyere and Richard Roeland, the names of our founders. The Adegem-based family business began operating on a modest basis back in 1968 in a shed. But since then, the company has enjoyed uninterrupted growth.

  • De Meyere and Roeland set up a workshop on 31st December 1968 in Adegem to service and repair machines. Their focus back then was on the grain and feed industry.
  • In 1973, they hired their first three members of staff.
  • New business buildings, complete with offices, were built next to the old sheds in 1978 and 1986.
  • The second-generation of the family, Robby, Carlo and Geert Roeland, took over the reins of the business in 2000.
  • Meyland moved to a second site at Hoboken in 2011.
  • Today, the company employs a staff of over 75.