Customised silos, hoppers and storage tanks

Silos, hoppers and storage tanks are used to store dry bulk goods (temporarily or otherwise) at your production company and release them in measured doses.

Because it is extremely important for your goods to maintain their quality during storage, we only use high-quality materials at Materials to manufacture your stock silos and storage hoppers. Our handy filling and emptying systems ensure an optimal flow of bulk goods at your company or warehouse or on your production floor. Perfect for salt silos, chemical fertiliser silos or other types of storage tank.

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Customised silos, hoppers and storage tanks

A storage system for dry bulk goods is not usually a separate installation. Silos and hoppers are general part of an internal transport system with industrial conveyor belts, elevators and chain conveyors.

You can count on Meyland for the design of your storage tank, construction of your silo and maintenance of hoppers for various purposes, with different dimensions, materials and characteristics.


Standard silos, hoppers and storage tanks

Do you need standard sizes or standard material for your storage system? Are you looking for a partner to build a simple silo or storage tank? Meyland is happy to help you with this as well. Whatever you need, we make the goods move!

Types of storage silo

With Meyland’s silos and hoppers, you don’t need to worry about storing your bulk goods. These storage systems are the most commonly used in industry:

  • Cylindrical silos,
  • Flat silos,
  • Receiving hoppers.


You can also come to Meyland for a salt silo or a silo for chemical fertiliser. We install an accompanying filling and emptying system with every type of silo or hopper.

Do you need a different type of silo or hopper to the examples in this list? We can help you with different types of other storage tanks. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Maintenance and repairs of silos and hoppers

Your stock silo or storage hopper is a crucial element on your production floor. To ensure that the production process goes smoothly at all times, you can also come to Meyland after the supply and installation of your storage system for maintenance and repairs of all your storage tanks and silos. Ask for more information about our servicing plan.

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