Customised chain transport

 A chain conveyor transports all kinds of dry products around your company, warehouse or organisation. Need to remove powders, granules, waste wood, flakes or other fragile products safely, in measured doses, from a hopper or silo? Chain transport and chain conveyors improve your production process, saving you time and money.

Are you looking for chain transport to move bulk goods around your company?
Meyland makes the goods move! We can help you with customised chain conveyors as well as standard chain conveyors. Contact us for a quote with no obligations.

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Customised chain transport

A chain conveyor system that is perfectly aligned with your needs, to ensure that your bulk goods get to the right place quickly and efficiently. Meyland develops, builds and assembles your chain conveyor with expert skill: as a separate chain conveyor system or in combination with other conveyor systems such as elevators, conveyor belts or screw conveyors.

Standard chain conveyor

Do you need standard sizes or standard material for your chain conveyor? Do you want to buy a simple chain conveyor? Meyland is happy to help you with this as well. Whatever you need, we make the goods move!

Types of chain conveyors

Meyland has various chain conveyors in its chain conveyor range. We offer chain conveyors for bulk goods with many different options:

  • Available with single or intermediate floors,
  • Explosion shutters, fire and explosion suppression,
  • Dust filter unit on the conveyor,
  • Throughputs up to 1000 m³/hour


You can also come to Meyland for special types of chain conveyor:

  • Chain conveyor systems for slats,
  • Discharge conveyors for difficult products under hoppers and silos,
  • Special intermediate floors for discharge from weighing hoppers (pre-mixing)
  • Chain conveyors with a central chain or double chain,
  • Special trough finishes for fragile products.


Do you need a different type of chain conveyor to the examples in this list? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will certainly be able to help with a suitable type of chain transport customised for your company.

Maintenance and repairs of chain transport

Meyland is also here to deal with the maintenance and repairs of your chain transport system. Ask for more information about our servicing plan.

Do you have any more questions about chain transport?

Are you unsure which chain transport system would be suitable for your company? Are you convinced that your production process can be optimised, and do you want to know how chain conveyors can transport your bulk goods more quickly and efficiently? Do you need advice about your internal transport systems?

Contact us now. We are sure to have a solution to your problem.

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