Meyland 4.0, the digitisation of your machine systems

Want to monitor your machine systems remotely with greater efficiency? Avoid delays or standstills in your production process due to unforeseen issues with your internal transport system?

To guarantee your yield, Meyland is going all-out for digitisation. Thanks to Meyland 4.0, your general and bulk goods keep moving!

Are you looking for smart machine systems?

Increase the efficiency of your machine park with Meyland 4.0, the digitisation of your internal storage and transport system. Contact us for a quote with no obligations.

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Our solution for smart machine systems

Technology offers infinite possibilities to help companies work more efficiently. Digitisation is everywhere and the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, is making rapid headway.

Making your internal storage and transport systems smart with sensors and artificial intelligence helps your agricultural or industrial business to keep close track of the production process. That way you open the doors to a more efficient machine park, and you can save a lot of time and money.

Do you want to make your storage or transport system smart and reap the rewards of digitisation? We look forward to helping you with smart systems for conveyor belts, chain conveyors, screw conveyors, elevators, crushers, sieves, mixers and more!

The advantages of Meyland’s smart storage and transport systems

Offering our customers an all-round service is what we’re all about. That is why Meyland 4.0 is a great complement to our turnkey solutions for general and bulk goods.

By making intelligent use of sensors, artificial intelligence, real-time data monitoring and dashboarding, we keep an eye on your storage and transport systems from a distance. That way we can easily anticipate problems long before they occur.

The biggest benefits?
No unexpected standstills in your production process due to a problem with a conveyor belt , elevator or weighing hopper.

  • You have real-time insight into the movements of your machine systems thanks to our simple dashboard.
  • If servicing is required, you can plan for it with plenty of time to spare.
  • That helps you avoid expensive urgent interventions and serious problems.
  • Your machine systems will last longer if they are regularly serviced.

How do we go about digitising your storage and transport systems?

To make sure digitisation is done optimally, we have worked out several steps to help you get off to a good start with Meyland 4.0. Step 4, the predictive profile of your machine systems, is an optional step that you can develop if you want an in-depth analysis.


We consider with you which components and machines are part of your production process.



Our experts from our electrical department analyze the sensors that are already present in your machines, and determine which sensors can still be added.



We set up a dashboard from which all the data that the sensors collect can be monitored in real time whenever you want. These are the key parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Vibrations
  • Frequency

You also have access to this dashboard yourself so that you can easily monitor everything. No extensive technological knowledge is required!


STEP 4 (extra option):

If you want an in-depth analysis of your machine systems, we will set up a predictive profile with the data that the sensors measure. We use artificial intelligence for this to detect deviations from the normal values of the aforesaid parameters. A simpler model of Meyland 4.0 is also possible: in that case we go straight to step 5.



As soon as any of the parameters begins to deviate – if the temperature gets too high, for example, or more vibrations are observed – we immediately see an alert on our dashboard. We will inform you of this so that you can choose to take action yourself or schedule an intervention by Meyland.

This is what a dashboard looks like:

A customised servicing plan for your internal storage and transport system

Thanks to Meyland 4.0, we can serve you even more effectively with a servicing plan that perfectly suits your internal storage and transport system, your entire machine park, your needs and your budget.

You can be sure of:

  • Annual contracts that make maintenance costs more affordable.
  • Specific services to fit the situation.
  • Maintenance as part of an extended guarantee.
  • Possibility of 24/7 interventions by our specialised service team.

Curious to find out how Meyland 4.0 can make your production process more efficient?

Meyland makes the goods move! Avoid a production standstill and count on Meyland to digitise your internal storage and transport systems. Contact us for a quote with no obligations.

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Meyland 4.0, the digitisation of your machine systems

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