Meyland designs for you

It all begins when our people come to listen to what you want. They help define your problem and then present a brief to the designers. Our designers all specialise and have interests in particular areas and together they will come up for a solution for you. This might involve adapting an existing product, or designing a partial solution, a combination of various systems or a totally new installation, based on the very latest cutting-edge technology. They then sketch out their ideas for your solution on a computer screen and create a ready-to-build plan.

Meyland builds for you

Meyland has its own manufacturing facility, where the design takes form – from the amazingly simple to the bafflingly technological. Using the most sophisticated equipment and tools, our engineers will build the integrated transport system that will help propel your company forward.

Meyland maintains for you

You can continue to rely on Meyland even after your system has been installed and commissioned. We will draw up a maintenance and service plan with you that fits in totally with your transport system, needs and budget. Providing flawless service is something that flows through our veins at Meyland.